Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are your business hours? is open for business Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard time. If you place your order after 5:00 PM Pacific time will be processed the next business day. We will make every effort to produce your commercial within 36 hours. Orders placed Friday, after 5 pm will be processed at regular business hours on Monday (next business day).


2. What if my script is longer than :60 Seconds?

We accept scripts that are up to 160 words per page, or no more than 20 lines, double-spaced, Times New Roman, minimum size 12 font, with standard margins, anything more than this guidelines is considered an extra order


3. What if I don't have a Script?

We can write one for you, just select the extra: "Add write Script 4 you", make sure to include the copy points for your product or service in the Script area, we will follow with an email for specific instructions after your payment.


4. What if I submit a short liner or copy that is less than 60 seconds, am I required to pay the regular price?

Yes, our minimum fee per commercial is $49.00 for a produced commercial no more than 60 seconds, if a valid coupon code is entered in the cart, price will drop, depending on the valid offer.


5. Can I split my script into two 30 second commercials with different voices in 1 order?

Our voice talent gets paid by script, you cannot order two different voices in one order for the same price, however you can add a second voice talent to read the second half of the script under the same order in the extras at the “Review Order Page” for an additional cost, we will use the same track you picked to produce the second commercial.


6. What if I need revisions?

If we omit, mispronounce a word or read different from the script, that would be considered our mistake and we will provide a one re-read from the original voice talent at no extra charge. you need to request the revision  by replying to the original email we sent you with your audio within 24 hours after email was received or request modification in your account within 24 hours after receiving the produced spot. If you change your original script, you must fill out a new order form and you will be charged for another spot.


7. How long does it take to receive my commercial?

We will start working on your commercial as soon we receive your order, depending on the work flow we can send you the ready to air spot between 24 to 48 hours but if you want assurance you will get your produced spot in less than 24 hours, just get the “Add Priority” option for a small fee in the “Review Order Page” and we will move your production to the top of the list.


8. What is included in the $99.00 order?

For the basic $99.00 US dollar price you will get: one professional broadcast voice and music mixed & mastered audio commercial ready to air.

If you need extras like; adding a second voice, copywriting, proofreading, priority delivery etc there is options to add this features for an extra fee in “Order Review Page”.


9. What if I choose: "Pick the music for me" option?

When "pick the music for me" is selected, you are giving the producers the authorization to choose the music bed we think fits your script, when you receive your commercial and if you don't agree with our music selection, you can request a "modification" up to 2 times in a 24 hour period after receiving your commercial and we will replace the music track for free.


10. What if I want voice only and no music in my commercial?

It is possible, but checking this option will significantly increase the price of your commercial.


Our production prices are very affordable and we have worked a deal with our voice talent to give us a low price, they usually charge 5 times more on their own, we need to protect their business.. We cannot sell a “dry” voice over at our regular commercial price; this is to avoid other producers to buy just the VO and resale production at a different price than ours.


11. What if my script takes more than the time I chose once read by the talent?

We suggest VO Talent read your script at a normal pace, if the script takes more time than your instructions, talent will read at a faster pace to fit it in the indicated time. Remember the voice talent read slower than you; try to time your script by reading it out loud before submitting. (see FAQ #2 for specifics)


12. Where can I download my produced commercial?

As soon we have it ready, we will email it to you or you can also go to your account in our website and download it whenever you are ready.


13. Can I purchase more than one commercial in the same order?

Yes, you have a cart where you can place all the commercial spots you want to purchase in the same transaction, but every commercial is separate from each other to make it simple and avoid confusion.


14. Do you offer free readings from the VO Talent for my script before ordering?

Unfortunately not, but you are welcome to listen to our voice bank and pick your favorite voice.


15. How do I pay for my order?

We use PayPal as payment method because is the easiest way for the client to purchase. You’ll also get an invoice from us and Paypal.

If you pay with PayPal using eChecks, Paypal usually takes 3 to 4 business days to clear the transaction. Once your echeck is cleared, we will process your order.


16. I have more questions about the service. Who can answer my questions?

Send us an email at and we will reply ASAP, thank you for your business!!